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Connections with resources and professionals specializing in creating healthy space. Upcoming Green Design, Home Showcasing, Interior Design, FengShui events, classes and workshops? Here is the place to list them.



Spring 2016 Final Classes

For students, onsite Space Clearing consultation

JUNE  29 Wednesday    SPACE CLEARING
Class and certificates for those completing the certification course
SPRING MEADOW FARM 7-930  $45.00



2016 Fall Programs

Space Clearing Certification

Space Clearing/Harmonizing is a vital part of maintaining healthy space, and has been part of our human culture and practice for thousands of years. Home Blessings, Spring Cleaning, New Years ceremonies, Spirit Cleansing.. we are familiar rituals associated with cleansing space. As we work to maintain a healthy body,mind and spirit, we must allow our homes to have a cleanse, refresh and reset it's energy and intentions. We can apply new paing, beautiful furnishings and feng shui techniques, but it is like " putting clean clothes on a dirty body". Our homes matrix, energy fields, history, trauma, and more are a level of congestion that can shifted.

Space Clearing Program
Fall 2016 September- October Classes

Students that missed Spring classes are invited
to continue with the fall program.

Conscious Design Institute Professional Feng Shui Certification
Fall 2016
If you are interested in an amazing, intensive and
interactive Feng Shui program, please contact me
for further information








Renae Jensen- Upcoming classes in Feng Shui, Conscious Design, Real Estate Home Showcasing
Founder of Conscious Design
Promoting Healthy,Beautiful & Empowering Space
Renae is certified professional Feng Shui consultant & teacher, certified real estate agent, Real Estate Teacher and Reiki Master. She has been dedicated to making the world a better place in any way that I can offer positive change and empowerment to people.
Her outreach has consisted of International Feng Shui and Conscious Design conferences and the popular Conscious Design Magazine. She is a Conscious Real Estate trainer and guides people into buying and selling healthy space. Her training in Feng Shui, Reiki, Space Clearing, Aromatherapy and Color has allowed her to facilitate her Conscious Design vision  "Healthy Space creates  Healthy People".

Some of her lecture and consultation venues include the NBA ( National Basketball Association), The Lodge at Woodloch, A T & T, Lucent, Morristown Memorial Hospital/Mind-Body Center, and the Flavor & Fragrance Industry. She has appeared on nationa television and radio including TV 30, Princeton NJ and the Third Eye Network Television, New Hampshire