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Holistic Interiors

With the levels of Stress in our lives today and the increasing numbers of people experiencing asthma, allergies, intolerances, and chronic fatigue, more than ever before there is a need for our homes to be a sanctuary for us, to hold us safe, to support and energise us to step out to play our part in the world.

For many of us that is just not the case and there can be restless depleting energy connected to our homes that leaves us feeling constantly tired and in low energy with recurrent illnesses, long term poor health and relationship or financial issues.

The level of pollution in our homes is at an all time high, both from the chemicals used in the household and on our carpets and furniture but also from the electro smog from the computers, wi-fi and mobile phones we all use now. All of these contribute to a lowering of our immune systems leading to a reduction in our vitality and zest for life.

In my work with people and their houses I have also found that our homes not only hold the patterns of our own thinking and experience of life but also can be affected by the experiences of those who have lived there before and the history of land on which they are built.

So the ‘health of a house’ is made up of many things.


The land it is built on, its geology and history.
What materials the house is built of.
Its orientation.
Who lived there before? Were they happy and healthy?
The emotions, thoughts and feelings of those who live there now.
What furnishings have been chosen .
The household products used.
Electro–magnetic pollution.
Clutter stored in the house.


If you experience unexplained regular headaches, low energy, depression, stress, anxiety, allergies, intolerances, inflammation, digestive problems or have long term health issues such as chronic fatigue, M.E., or cancer these may respond positively to changes made in your home.

Removing any toxicity, physical or energetic and rebalancing the energy of your home can make a significant improvement to your health, but also your wealth, relationships and overall happiness in life!

SANDRA MARIE HUMBY MIPTI has run her own successful design business since 1982, using her love of colour, proportion and natural textiles in many creative areas. She is a KLC (London) trained Interior Decorator and was a finalist in the Design Awards in 2003.

Sandra's personal interest in mind-body medicine and search for her own well–being during the past 15 years, has led her to study philosophy, meditation, counselling, numerology, astrology, crystals, nutrition, Sacred Geometry and Feng Shui. She is a multi-disciplined energy therapist (Reiki, Sekhem, Metamorphic Technique), and an experienced Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yogi.

Interior Alchemy combines these areas of rich experience and understanding, enabling Sandra to facilitate lasting personal, home and workspace transformation for her clients. Sandra also presents workshops, seminars and courses both in the UK and Internationally. Inspiring and empowering others to make changes in their lives and to create for themselves nourishing and supportive places to live, work and play.


Sandra will also be working and teaching in the U.S. in 2008.
For further details sandy@InteriorAlchemy.co.uk





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