Stress from electric alternating fields

Lecture by Wolfgang Maes, Bau-biologist IBN, Journalist DVJ, Germany

Distributed with permission by IBE, the International Institute for Bau-biologie and Ecology, Inc. (

Electrical alternating fields derive from electrical alternating voltage. These are 100 Volts with 60 hertz in the USA and 220 Volts with a frequency of 50 hertz in Europe. All socket junction boxes, all cables and devices with main connections are radiating. This is so even if there is no current, i.e., nothing is turned on. Normally an electrical installation, with its inevitable existing fields, is modest in its radiation capacity. Thus, the biological risks are minimal.

But, I have found, that in many rooms this is not the case. In the bed, or nearby, we sometimes have arrangements that resemble what is found in the cockpit of a jet airliner, or the place of a high-tech computer installation.
The producers of the forces are not always evident as they are often hidden. Walls, rooms, even whole houses can be energized due to a variety of faulty technical conditions. Small, cheap, clamp lamps and standard lamps can generate many more fields than a jet cockpit, since they are rarely grounded. And that can take place even when they are not switched on. This allows unnecessary fields to be distributed throughout the night. All because the manufacture saved 50 cents by not providing the third grounding wire in the lamp cable.

Nobody knows
What is happening to a person, who is lying in his bed, when I detect some volts from his body? Is that "a disturbance of the physical process"? Is it or is it not?

Nobody seems to know. No wonder. The soft scientific research refers to short tests with healthy people during the active daytime period. Long-term tests with senior and/or ill persons, children, sensitive people, and unborn children do not exist. Not to mention, any reference to the sensible, unconscious sleeping phase.

My experience shows that the importance of biological risks from all artificial electromagnetic fields is higher than what had previously been thought. Otherwise, what could be the reason for recurrent spontaneous healing successes, of seriously ill people, after they have been liberated from these chronic external stimuli?

I am no scientist; I am a journalist. I have knowledge due to my experiments and experiences, and because I check and detect things. I ask and check; I believe little and want to know much. We have thousands of studies where a simple sanitizing of electrical alternating fields has produced amazing and challenging health improvements.

You do not need proof if you have experience. Experience is the pathfinder for scientific dialogue and such dialogue is missing.

The electrical miracle of life...

Debate is not necessary on the fact that we have billions of electrical functions running every second throughout the human organism. Cells have an electrical potential with measurable current flow within the fibers of our nerves.

Medicine has defined the time of death by the end of electrical energy in the brain. The electrocardiogram measures the electrical processes of the heart in the millivolt range. The electro-encephalogram measures the brain processes in the even more sensitive micro-volt range.

The cardiac pacemaker generates, with one millivolt, electricity which assists in the stimulation of the heart muscle. There is no life without electric voltages. All of our billion of cells are producing more than 100,000 biophysical and biochemical functions per second.

The human body is a massive manifold, multi-dimensional and hard to explain electrical process. The experimenting, researching and experiencing of its many functions will lead even the most scientific mind to astonishment and respect. Can you imagine how more than 25 billion permanent active electrical nerve cells can control our sensations and feelings with such an admirable regularity?

There is every reason to believe, and nothing to argue against, that we have radically underestimated the biological consequences of artificial electrical fields. No reasonable lawful limit to emissions exists, nor are there any substantial protective regulations. A lot of naïve consumers have to pay dearly, in the name of progress and prosperity, for things which clever advertising managers praise as indispensable. At a cost no matter how high it might be. Not just at the financial cost to the consumers but at a cost of our most precious value: our own health, the health of our fellow-lodgers and that of our living spaces --- called EARTH.

Some hints for the creation of a healthy sleeping place without electrical alternating fields

" Put as few electrical devices in the bedroom as possible!
" Pull out all plugs to electrical devices because switching off the devices is often not enough.
" Do without TV set, computer, recorder, fluorescent lamps, electric pads, dimmers near the bed, and dispense with electrically adjustable beds and waterbeds.
" Check carefully for grounded cables and devices! Avoid flat plugs and all that are not grounded.
" Have only "screened" main electrical lines, if possible!
" Switch off the electric line going to the bedroom at the fuse box or circuit breaker at night! Or fit the line with a demand switch-off relay, which switches off the energy when the demand is not there, and switches back when a demand for electricity is needed in the room.
" Protect yourself against the fields from neighboring rooms with shielding.

Let me spice up the lecture with some of my interesting experiences.

35,000 millivolts in an electrically adjustable bed

A dentist slept in which you can adjust with an electric motor and had racking pains in the spine, migraine headaches, dizziness and heart attacks for years. The bed was not enough; he added an electric heating pad. He was now sleeping in a huge electrical field. Even when the bed and pad were turned off, he was still in this field as long as the plugs for the two devices were plugged in.

While this client was lying on the bed, I measured 35,000 millivolts (!) at his body. Imagine - 35 volts in his brain, heart, and lungs … everywhere.

After removing the bed and pad plugs, we found "only" about 600 millivolts in the person's body. The reason: defects in the cables of the bedroom wall. We installed a switch cutoff relay for the lines in the defective wall. Now the instruments measured zero millivolts at the body level. The client called after a few weeks: The unbearable pains had subsided gradually and eventually completely disappeared!

More madness: 155,000 millivolts at one time!

A thoroughly healthy, vital person about 40 years old became extremely ill within a few short weeks. The ambulance came every other night. The man despaired because the doctors could not find anything wrong. When going to the hospital, the dangerous symptoms abated every time.

Upon returning home, the illness reappeared again: heart attacks, circulation disruption, and mysterious and intolerable pain. The person was incapable of making any sensible thought any longer. Fear and depression entered his life. Again, the first aid doctor was called as the client was convinced he would die soon.

I took a measurement of this person, lying in his bed, and my meter registered 155,000 millivolts, i.e., a total of 155 volts!

His wife, sleeping in an adjacent bed, would wince, and was fearful, whenever she would touch the body of her husband because of the short electrical shocks she would receive. What was the meaning of this? The husband is certainly no plug!

The reason for this problem: the electrical heating unit of his waterbed was defective. After repairing the unit, the fields did not again appear. This sporting and dynamic gentleman was filled with new life and vigor. The ambulance did not have to come again.

Shrilling alarm clock that was not heard

No less than 6,000 millivolts was found in the body of a young man who had lived in his home for over six years. During these many years he never (!) could sleep for one complete night, and was continuously over-strained and stressed. Without exception, he woke up every morning, one hour prior to the alarm clock going off, and - though being dog tired - he could not sleep again.

In this case, by switching off the cable running to the bedroom at the fuse box, the strong fields coming from the wall were removed. The next morning, to his embarrassment, the young man did not hear the alarm clock and greatly overslept. After a few weeks, well-being and healthy sleep returned. And - as a side effect - the strong pains that he had in his back for several years disappeared.

Bed-wetter with punk hairstyle

A 13-year old schoolboy, dressed modern in black leather and ornamented with a modest punk hairstyle, had been a bed-wetter from the age of five. The poor boy had to undergo all sorts of treatment for years and had to go, once a week, to "some sort of psycho-guy." For over a year, he had to wear, at night, a device that was like a corset. These, so called "ringing" trousers gave a loud alarm, from a humidity sensor, when he began wetting. In the bathroom was a key which was used to turn off the ringing.

He also had allergies from dust mites and had hay fever. The parents were already "biological style" believers: Excellent cork floors, natural paint and covering on the walls, wallpaper with rough fibers, no electrical devices in the bedroom of the boy, a good latex mattress on a pure wood bedstead, no synthetics anywhere. They were aware people.

Yet electrical fields exploded from a faulty electrical installation in the wall: 4,500 millivolts were entering the boy while he was in his bed. The remedy was simple: installing a "cut-off switch" at the fuse box. The result: no millivolts. The bed remained dry from the first night! For a year now, there has been no more bedwetting. Last spring, the hay fever symptoms did not appear.

Apples and pears

Why certain effects are produced in some people and not in others? … I do not know. I do not have the ambition, or desire, to please scientists, physicists, top managers and politicians. My intention is to be understood very practically. To be understood by you.

That is not easy, since the subjects are so complex and complicated. Therefore, I beg your pardon when I may compare apples with pears for once. I really do not care if you get stomach problems from eating 6 pounds of apples, or from 6 pounds of pears. I wish to demonstrate that from my experience and knowledge that 6 pounds of either is too much! What must we think of the science establishment, which spends millions of dollars, only to "prove" that an obviously harmful condition cannot be harmful? Where do we find science who will do research independent from economic and political interests?

Nature is in order

I am glad to have found the guarantor, advocate, lawyer and yardstick for my work - nature. If nature is in order, then we are in order too. If nature is out of order, it is silly to believe that this will not have consequences for us, because in the long run, we will then live in a state of unnatural disorder.

This is especially true in the last decades as we have innumerable proof that life-rejecting disorder is the result - when fundamental life-accepting cosmos harmony is disturbed. Every intervention in the natural process has produced fatal consequences sooner or later.

Nature takes revenge; it reacts, bio-logically.

Electrical alternating fields are contrary to the order of nature. They never exist, nor have they ever existed in nature. Neither the field value, nor the field frequency can be found in nature. From the summits of mountains or in the valley, in the jungle or in the desert, you will never find a living creature which has a voltage frequency of 50 or 60 hertz in his body. As long as the globe has turned … never and nowhere.

The creature with the highest concept of "freedom" is the cancer cell. It has complete independence and does not care for natural order. For years it lies in the recesses of the body with which it lives and which protects and nourishes it. It has a vision of freedom, autonomy and independence.

It functions as it likes to function. It takes the determined and direct way to implement its needs: egotistically, unerring, not taking into the account or needs of others, without regard to anything. When it sees its advantage: to exploit others for its own sake, it increases and gets bigger and bigger. It has an enjoyable life and leaves chaos behind. Yet the cancer cell has not reckoned with its host! When the friendly host dies, it dies with him. It was too rash, stubborn and silly. This is the final learning process.

What is the cancer cell of the earth? --- The human being.

The human being can decide whether it will live in order or to learn the consequences of living in disorder.

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Wolfgang Maes is a Bau-biologist IBN, Journalist DVJ, Germany. Distributed with permission by IBE, the
International Institute for Bau-biologie"· and Ecology, Inc. (



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