Stress from magnetic alternating fields

Lecture by Wolfgang Maes, Bau-biologist IBN, Journalist DVJ, Germany

Distributed with permission by IBE, the International Institute for Bau-biologie and Ecology, Inc. (

The electrification of our life brings two completely different types of radiation. One is about the alternating fields (50 or 60 hertz) which come from the current provided the house. The second are magnetic fields that are generated from current consuming devices which are switched on and remain in operation.

Do high-tension lines make us sick?
When "electromagnetic fields," as they are often called, reach our rooms from outside, (i.e., from high tension lines, low voltage overhead lines, underground cables in the roads, transformer housings and current from electrified rail lines) a serious condition emerges, because you rarely can sanitize them.

Researchers of many countries have examined the biological effect of these magnetic alternating fields, produced by high-tension lines. Numerous researchers report about the connections with all sorts of diseases, especially with the degenerative process of cancer. The proneness for leukemia for children living in homes near high-tension lines is significantly higher according to various Swedish and American studies. The effect on various hormonal processes has been researched and a remarkable connection with suicides has been detected.

Researchers have found increases of special blood values, blood-pressure changes, vegetative dystonies and other stress symptoms, behavior anomalies, reaction lags, immune debility, changes in the pulse rate, migraines, allergies, sleep and eye disorders, heart trouble, circulator debilities, changes in cell growth, amnesia, cramps, hyperactivity, cataracts, and more … and more.

Fields similar to high tension lines in your own home

There is no reason to relax, however, because you do not live under a high-tension line. One alarming fact: many devices in our modern daily life produce the same fields and in the same order of magnitude as those that can be measured under huge high-tension lines - if the body comes sufficiently close to them!

It is a great pity, however, when the electric alarm clock on the nightstand, only 8 inches from your head, is running all night. During the 8 hours of the night, this clock is putting fireworks of electro-magnetic fields into your head that is equal to that of a high tension-power line. You can avoid that.

The distance is what matters. Two yards - is often sufficient to avoid great risks.

A TV set, even if it is put on the standby mode, produces a strong and unnecessary field. This same is true for a stereo set, even if only a timer is switched on. The baby phone, a calculator charger, the motor of a freezer on the other side of the wall, the pump aquarium, radios and tape recorders.

Keep away from those devices especially when you do not need them: At night! The distance to your bed is what matters. Better yet, remove these electronic devices from your bedroom.

Fluorescent lamps produce remarkably strong magnetic alternating fields. The reason is the intermediate control units. All fluorescent tubes also have disadvantage of a flickering frequency. That means that the gas in the tubes goes on and off hundreds of times per second. This process, which gets on your nerves, is defined as "stress factor" even in the medical dictionary as "Psychrembel." Do without the wires which are fixed zigzag under the room ceiling and which are equipped with modern, high-styled halogen mini lamps. The high current produced by this type of lighting system produces magnetic fields which are easily equal to those of high-tension power lines. Fashion is rarely healthy. There is no alternative to a simple incandescent lamp which produces little electric fields.

Fuse boxes have a wide range of field power. A large distance should be kept from them as a precaution. Generally 2 yards is sufficient, but not always. Only a direct local measurement can give a final answer. The same is true for electrical heating units which are operating during the nighttime. This is particularly bad if the cables are going directly behind the head of your bed.

An under floor or overhead electrical heating system can be a particularly strong radiator and should be banned from any healthy bedroom. Cut the heating circuit, for the bedroom, completely off at the master control box.

The always-active transformers

A modern bad habit is the careless use of the small low-volt transformers (little black box for lights and chargers). Often these transformers consume current, and radiate fields, even when the device is switched off. In fact: If you have a low-volt lamp on your nightstand, and the transformer is at the base of the lamp, you have a nonstop consumption of current and a continuous level of magnetic radiation, even when the lamp is turned off.

Why, because when you switch off the device, you do not cutoff the current to the transformer. You must unplug the transformer from the wall plug to have the current (and thus the fields) completely stopped. There is no way for the average person to know if the transformer is on or off by using the switch. In some units, the on/off switch controls both the lamp and the transformer, but without expensive measuring devices this is impossible to know. Many devices have built-in, or invisible transformers. They all work in the same pattern: the device may be turned off, but the transformer may not be.

Penetrating walls and bodies
Magnetic alternating fields will penetrate building material, walls, and ceilings without being absorbed by them. This is so for human bodies too. Screening, from magnetic fields is possible if you cover the field generator, or if the room is completely protected (covered) by special metal alloys, e.g., MU-metals. These materials are expensive and can seldom be used under every day conditions. The only remedy is to switch off - or remove - the producing device or keep the device a sufficient distance away.

But you have to take into account influences from neighboring rooms. The Super Bowl comes to your TV via an electric current and at the same time electromagnetic fields are entering the body of your friend who is sleeping 3 yards away. So keep the TV at least 3 yards away from your bed. Even concrete is no obstacle. You should have a 3-yard difference from bathrooms and kitchens. They are often full of field-intensive devices and installations.

The solution
Electromagnetic fields cannot be removed from our everyday life. But at night, the exposure can be reduced? What is indispensable and which brings benefit, function and joy during the day can be renounced at night.

Illness is very often the known and logical consequence of uninterrupted stress, especially at night. Continuous, unnatural, electromagnetic attacks against the body and soul have to be immediately stopped.

A meaningful and pragmatic solution is a sound safe sleeping space.

  • Remove all live electrical devices in your bedroom
  • Keep a distance (2 yards) from live wires in the walls. Keep away from fuse boxes, freezers, boilers, TV sets … even if they are behind a wall.
  • Take care that trouble free, well-grounded; electric and sanitary facilities are installed that have no potential differences.
  • Do without fluorescent tubes, dimmers, halogen and low-volt lamps, and pull the plug switch of all devices which utilize transformers.
  • Cut off the power, at the fuse box or circuit breaker panel, to any under floor electrical heating system.
  • Check for a minimum distance of 200 yards from high-tension lines and railway lines.
  • Protest against transformer units which are adjacent to your house.

For a valid evaluation of a structure, one needs local measurements and advice from an expert. You can contact an independent Building Biologist. Power supply companies have mostly arbitrary, unreliable, and often only theoretical information. Sometimes, however, I have obtained constructive and committed cooperation and aid from the power companies. That differs locally and it is worthwhile to test its services. You are the paying consumer and you have a right for good customer services.

… and recommendation of Building Biologists
I can only report about the many health improvements experienced when my clients have removed fields from their bedrooms. Good-bye to migraine and pains. Farewell to strains, giddiness high blood pressure. Good morning, clear head!

With the passing of each year I realize that, in unexpected and strange ways, a lot of allergies disappear with the reduction of electromagnetic fields. Allergies, which often appear to have no direct relationship, with fields. Allergies from food, toxic substances from dyes and adhesives, natural stimuli from pollen, animal hairs and dust … contact allergies, skin allergies.

Again, I have no answer - only questions. What is the reason that a dust allergy in the house can disappear with the elimination of electromagnetic fields?

What is the relationship between the hairs of a cat and high-tension lines? Milk protein with clock radios?
I have observed that with the elimination of electrical devices from bedrooms, annoying itching of the skin and food allergies have vanished.

Diabetes, heart, circulation, psyche, hormones

I have realized, in my own body, that a chronic diabetic condition has become less severe after a radical change of my diet in favor of natural, full and vegetarian food. But, I was completely healed only when I banned all electromagnetic fields from my bedroom.

My doctor was taken aback and would have had doubts if his lab measurements had not shown positive results. With the disappearance of the diabetes my heart, circulation and digestive complaints disappeared. All of these had caused me great fear for years and had forced me, several times, into hospitals and to their intensive care units.

I had been sick for such a long period of time, I was ready to drop. I thought that my life was not worth a dime. No hope, only a helpless no future feeling.

For years now, I have felt better. I feel like a new man and I am glad to be again part of this wonderful creation. A lot of my newly gained life quality and vitality is certainly the (bio-) logical consequence of electric and magnetic stress reduction!

Indications are not evidence
I can only give indications. Indications are not evidence. I have no ambition, time nor qualifications to provide evidence. When I watch a thousand times that the thumb turns blue, when I hit it with a hammer, then I will warn against this dangerous act. Therefore my interest is less for questions such as: What was the weight of the hammer, how was it manufactured, what was the speed as it hit the thumb, what was the pressure of the hit, and whether the hammer is responsible at all - in spite of its hurting act.

Nor am I interested as to why the thumb turns blue and not green, how the fingernail and bone reacted, why the soothing liniment still fails after 500 applications, and whether blue thumbs are just fashionable. I am just much more interested that this silly hammering stop.

Premature assumptions are not counter-evidence

Scientists cannot make counter evidences even when they try very hard. For reliable scientific proof, the research requirements will be very difficult to meet. How can we make long-term research at night? How can we evaluate the individual constitution and its sensitivity? How can we detect and exclude mutual relations with other technical and natural stress factors?

Let us change what we can change. In our own homes we can have the most success.

For more information about Bau-Biologie or to find a Building Biologist in your area, please contact the Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology at or 727.461.4371.

Wolfgang Maes is a Bau-biologist IBN, Journalist DVJ, Germany. Distributed with permission by IBE, the
International Institute for Bau-biologie"· and Ecology, Inc. (



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