Sacred Geometry and the Architecture

The Sacred Power of Chartres

The principles of Ancient Healing Temples and how they
can be used in our buildings today

Christian Kyriacou riba mcsd architect




'A Sacred Building is a Harmonic Structure for the Transformation of the Soul.
It's purpose is to remind us of our true essence and Absolute connection to the universe' Christian Kyriacou

The energy matrix created within the sacred geometry structures of ancient buildings, generates and supports the fundamental life force of this universe. The design of a building will harmonise and integrate into the energy matrix of the cosmos and reflect the magical nature of creation. Spinning the geometries in the etheric web creates audible frequency vibrations which sustain and re-balance our perfectly designed human body. A sacred building will remind our dna molecules of their pattern of perfect health. It will re-align our inner and outer energetic patterns thus being the ultimate 'healing' temple.

Our Sacred works of Art, Literature, Music and Buildings resonate with and reflect the secrets of the universal energy matrix. Deciphering the vibrational coding enables us to connect with the Sacred patterns of the Harmonic Web thus giving us the tools to connect with our pure inner light and consciousness for the transformation of our levels of reality.

Chartres Cathedral
Our journey through the sacred geometry of life begins with exploring Chartres Cathedral, one of the greatest buildings, holding the knowledge of the universe in its positioning on the earth-grid, sacred geometry design, stained glass windows and sculptures. A building, dedicated to the Goddess, and one of the Virgin Mary cathedral sites in the pattern of Virgo in France.

Chartres Moon Tower
Chartres Sun Tower

The 'Yin and Yang' towers on the front of the cathedral are appropriately capped with moon and sun symbols respectively, indicating the heaven and earth energy vortex functions of the buildings.


Vesica Piscis - the first movement from chaos into organised form. The void as expressed in many cultures and civilizations as the nothingness, without form, before creation begins. From that space, a sound, a vibration comes forth 'in the beginning is the word'. The coding pattern, which creates and unfolds matter through the process of the 9 steps of creation. Many sacred buildings embody the vesica geometry. At Chartres we see it embodied in the ground plan and on the Royal Portal with Christ sitting held within the universal mother.

The stage is set for a Healing Temple of powerful consequences generated by sacred geometry on both the physical and etheric web.

Text and images - copyright Christian Kyriacou 2007

CHRISTIAN KYRIACOU is a chartered Architect, Interior Designer, Composer, Etheric Energy worker and Feng Shui Consultant. He is a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Chartered Society of Designers and the Performing Rights Society.




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