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    NYC Evening Lecture Positive Energy Tips

    Meta Center
    New York City, NY, USA
    March 6, 2009
    7:30 pm - 9 pm
    Admission: $25.00
    Renae Jensen, Sandy Humby and Sharon Rothman


    Feng Shui and Feng Shui Astrology in a 2009 Fire Year

    Meta Center
    N Y C, New York, USA
    March 7
    9:30 am - 5:30 pm
    Renae Jensen and Sharon Rothman are your guides to understanding how feng shui can uplift you this year.


    The Intuitive Designer

    Meta Center
    NYC, New York, USA
    March 8, 2009
    9:30 am - 5:30 pm
    Sandy Humby presents The Intuitive Designer - Space, Form and Color.


    Transformational Energy Work with Houses

    Van Vleck Mansion & Gardens
    Montclair, N.J. USA
    March 14 & 15- Weekend Workshop
    9:30am - 5:30 pm
    Why do you live where you do? Did you choose the house or did the house choose you? Do you feel at home where you live? Is life going well or could things be better? There is a resonance, a connection between us and the spaces we call home.
    Christian Kyriacou and Sandy Humby


    Living From the Heart 10 Day Intensive

    Alla Arriba in La Falda, Argentina
    March 19 to March 29, 2009
    Includes: Argentinian Parilla (BBQ) welcome dinner Four workshop sessions along with tango, yoga, tai chi, and vegetarian cooking


    Four Pillars Chinese Astrology with Yasha Jampolsky

    Woodbury, CT
    March 28 and 29 , 2009
    Join us on this illuminating two day odyssey with master teacher Yasha Jampolsky who will demystify Four Pillars and enrich your understanding of its many uses.

    More Info

    Alternative Health & Wellness Expo

    Panther Valley Inn
    Route 517
    Allamuchy, NJ
    March 29, 2009
    Vivian and Harmony Holistic Wellness invite you to another fabulous gathering.
    Contact viv2@ptd.net


    More Events

    at www.ConsciousDesignMagazine.com

    Visit our Event Page

    February 2009

    Although it is still officially winter, I feel spring in the air. Perhaps it is a sense of hope, new energy and new beginning for all of us.

    Conscious Design Magazine is proud to announce it's continued growth and success as we continue to share your expertise, advice and stories. Green Design, Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry, Bau-Biologie, Space Clearing, Universal Design, and Real Estate Home Showcasing come together to create a healhy, happy, empowered home and famiily. It is our vision of Conscious Design.

    On March 8th,Sandy Humby will be teaching a one day class in New York City called "The Intuitive Designer.com" , a Space, Form and Color One Day Workshop. Sandy Humby is a Designer, Interior Decorator, House Intuitive and Pranic Healer.

    The following week Christian Kyriacou and Sandy Humby the "House Whisperers" will be teaching a specialweekend course "Transformational Energy Workwith Houses". Christian Kyriacou is the internationally known Sound expert, Architect, and Sacred Geometry teacher.
    Enjoy this issue of fantastic articles and I hope to see you at the workshops coming up next week. I want to thank my guides and friends for their continued support in making Conscious Design a reality.

    With gratitude, Renae

    Feng Shui & Retail : A Successful Yarn Shop

    Renae Jensen, FSII, GLC

    Recently, I was asked for some beneficial tips to enhance the specific retail business of yarn shops. I have noticed that many of my favorite shops have been closed over the years. I have seen a decline over the years as the older generation pass and the younger generation appeared to either be too busy or have no interest to continue the ancient art of knitting and crocheting. Those dedicated to the craft became a very focused and dedicated group.

    Of course, the beauty of time is that things do change. One of the basic tenents of feng shui is that " Everything always changes". I personally feel that we are coming back to the simple connected way of life. This is the silver lining and the gift of the current financial and economic crisis. I have spent many many hours with golden ladies in their nineties and they have all survived depressions, world wars and family disasters. They have become stronger and clearer.

    The art of the knot is very powerful and a knot was often thought to reinforce an intention or a spell. Men would often give wide berth to women they would see knitting in public as they did not want to become the focus of the "knot". Today, a blanket for the home or a warm homemade sweater brings the benefits of the natural earth fabrics as well as the intention and the connection of the person that is bringing the fibers to form and life.

    What can a 3,000 year old ancient art offer to us today that can translate into a successful retail model, specifically a Yarn Shop? The answer is "plenty".

    In today's busy world, a store must be able to attract new business, create returning clients, and generate profit. To the Chinese, Feng Shui is not only essential in successful business strategy, it is considered mandatory. This once secretive art was once coveted by the rich and royal as a way to maintain power and financial superiority over their competition. Today, feng shui experts are in high demand all over the world as they apply traditional concepts to modern design.

    Read more:

    Interior Design
    The Intuitive Designer.com

    The Intuitive Designer.com
    Space, Form, Color and Health
    Sandy Humby

    A new Energetic approach to Interior Design

    A one day class for all of those interested in the Design, Decoration , Health and Wellbeing of our living spaces
    - 8th MARCH 2009 META CENTRE NYC
    With Sandy Humby MIPTI - Designer, Interior Decorator, House Intuitive and Pranic Healer

    What is an Intuitive Designer?

    An Intuitive Designer taps into information and awareness which is deeper than our five physical senses, harnessing and incorporating the knowledge and wisdom revealed for the wellbeing and soul journey of the client.

    The need for a new way of looking at our homes is emerging as we go through this period of profound change in our world. More than ever before our homes need to be true Sanctuary for us, to hold us safe but also to nourish and energise us to be able to traverse these unprecedented times with our core held steady.

    Our own energy fields expand all day every day in response to our thinking, our experiences, the people we encounter and the places we spend time in. If we spend to long with our energy in contraction we get sick.

    Living in a home which is as clear as possible of both physical and energetic toxins and that contains furniture and colors vibrationally aligned to our energy, allows our energy fields to expand and relax optimising our feeling of wellbeing and ability to make clear choices in our life journey.

    In this one day experiential class we will be looking at the connection between our journey and the house we live in. We will explore what makes up the feeling in a space and the psychology of the different rooms-and what this reveals.

    Read More

    Flower and Vibrational Essences

    Lucis College
    "Read this great article and find some information about the upcoming NYC Classes. " Renae - Editor

    Flower and Vibrational essences or remedies as they are sometimes known come in many forms. The most famous of these are Bach Flower Remedies which were first prepared by Dr Bach in the 1930s.

    Dr Bach was a successful homeopathic doctor who devised a system of categorizing negative states of mind or emotional disharmony. These remedies are thought to work by enabling the body to balance negative feelings and thereby stimulate the body's own ability to heal or realign itself.

    Bach Flower Remedies contain the vibrational signatures of various flowers but today there are many more types of vibrational essences available. It is possible to buy gem or crystal essences, tree essences, colour essences and even animal essences

    Producing a vibrational essence is a highly intuitive process which is usually involves a meditative contact with the flower, crystal or whatever the chosen medium is. Many producers develop their own way of creating an essence but the most well known method is the 'Sun Method' used by Edward Bach. This involves placing a bowl of spring water containing the crystal, flower, or whatever the essence is to carry the vibration of, in the sun for 3-8 hours. During this process, which is known as 'solarisation', the energy signature is transmitted and held in the spring water as a memory. Much scientific debate has raged over whether water is able to contain a memory and the work of scientists such as Jacques Benveniste and Masaru Emoto is beginning to prove what essence producers have known all along.

    Read More

    The Stillness of Painting

    Karen Fitzgerald

    We live in a fast world. The race to perfect technological tools obeys a dictum promising greater productivity, more efficiency. Some worry that we are borrowing against thoughtfulness. Beyond anxiety about irreversible changes in the way we process information, there is a sad longing for the quiet found in backwater swamps; woods during a freeze; church pews sans services, or the yoga mat.

    Rich as the information our senses supply is, many people have discovered that a wider and deeper experience arises from synthesizing what our senses tell us. This higher order of thought is essentially a creative response to our world. As an internal response, it arrests the motion of the world allowing us to be responsive, to synthesize on a variety of levels and across the time plane of our experiences. This stilled thought creates access to contemplative space.

    Read More:

    Green Tips for a Green Bathroom

    Clean Water, Clean Air and Healthy Environments are not just a luxury at this time on the planet, but a key priority when building or redesigning our homes.

    Although going green can seem overwhelming to many, we suggest that you find your local "green store". They will not only provide great information and products, but will offer you a great community connection. In New Jersey, I love the Green Elements store in Boonton, N.J.

    For a green bathroom, here are some tips to consider:

    For vanities and cabinetry, avoid the bargain particle board specials at many mega stores. They often contain formaldehyde. There is now a large selection of renewable materials and woods that have been harvested sustainably.

    Green countertops are offered in many stylish and creative looks, such as recycled glass, stone and natural tile.

    Learn More

    Bau-biologie and Ecology

    Building Biology Course Material:

    With winter in full swing it is important to remember to continue to have fresh air ventilation inside your home or office.
    Air is the breath of life. We can survive weeks without nourishment and days without water, but, deprived of air or exposed to lethal toxins in the air, life can end in minutes or even seconds.

    About the IBE

    The International Institute for Bau-biologie and Ecology, Inc. (IBE) established in Clearwater, Florida in 1987, is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to bringing together the technical expertise, biological understanding and ecological sensitivity to create healthy homes and workplaces.
    IBE's main objective is to educate - specifically, to help people realize that homes and workplaces can be created to bring the benefits of both health and aesthetics into their living environments. Bringing awareness to the health hazards that may exist in our living spaces not only improves health and provides a sense of well being, it also has an impact on the survival of this planet.

    Conscious Design Tips
    Upcoming workshop on 9 Star ki for 2009

    Sharon Rothman

    2009, Year of Fire, has already shown us indications of the highly active, diffusing influence of fire energy in Obama's inspirational leadership and, most tragically in Australia's wild fires.
    Through the clear eyes of Feng Shui Astrology, we will take a look at the bigger picture, but our primary focus will be on you - your problems, your concerns for the coming year You will learn your own energetic nature and how the year of Fire can work for you individually to manage stress and make the right decisions for financial success, real estate solutions, creative opportunity, enduring relationships, revitalized health.

    Workshop March 7, 2009
    NYC Meta Center

    Sharon Rothman is a certified Intuitive Feng Shui6 consultant and experienced space clearer, highly respected for the transformative results and extraordinary care she gives to her clients. As an intuitive life coach, Sharon uses 9-Star Ki Astrology and personal clearing techniques to guide people through times of stress and indecision. Sharon's accomplishments are based on over 25 years of study of the I Ching, Geomancy, Macrobiotics, Qi Gong and Sacred Sound. She integrates her experience in environmental psychology and dowsing with diverse design skills and color expertise from her career as an illustrator and professor of design at Fashion Institute of Technology.Sharon illustrated William Spear's best-selling book, "Feng Shui Made Easy: Designing your Life with the Ancient Art of Placement"

    Learn More

    Money Corner

    Law of Attraction expert and bestselling author Sandy Forster has been extensively featured in the media - including local and national newspaper and radio as well as national and international magazines and TV.

    FREE 'Secrets to Prosperity'
    Our aim is to give you ongoing tips to implement in your life so you can Create the Wealth YOU Desire.
    We look forward assisting you to create a life filled with Richness and Abundance and Success.


    Product Spotlight
    Green Planet Paints

    Green Planet Paints® was conceived in 1993, when Meredith Aronson, materials scientist and expert in clays and historic pigments, moved to Patagonia, Arizona. Surrounded by the blazing ochres of canyon walls, the electric greens of waterfall mosses, the shifting silvers of high-desert grasses and the multicolored hues of migrating birds, she was inspired to create a paint that not only reflected the beauty around her, but respected it. Combining her expertise in materials science with her knowledge of ancient pigment technologies, she began formulating a new kind of paint founded on three principles: beauty, performance, and sustainability.

    Green Planet Paints® presents its new premium line of high-performance interior paints. Combining the rich complexity of mineral pigments with leading edge plant chemistry, Green Planet Paints® has taken earth-friendly paint to a whole new level. The result is a truly sustainable paint that is tough, easy to apply and a pleasure to the senses.

    Since prehistoric times, men and women have decorated their sacred places and dwellings with naturally colored materials. At Green Planet Paints, we are proud to be part of this heritage. Our philosophy is simple: paint is a wonderful material. We're putting nature back into paint, and working to make the world a more beautiful place along the way.


    Symbols and Ancient Wisdom
    The Power of the KNOT

    Knitting is not for the lighthearted !!

    More than meets the eye, the powerful symbolism of the KNOT:

    The female arts of weaving, knitting and knotting were once considered magically able to control winds and weather, birth, death and fate.

    As a rule, men regarded knots with awe, and used them for graphic symbols in a mandala, the eye following the windings of a knot would traverse a mystic path. Such came the knotwork in the course of fate: in Norse and Islamic monuments.

    Rome's high priest, the Flamen dialis, was forbidden to wear any knot or closed ring on his person, for fear of "tying up" his virile spirit, to the detriment of the empire.

    For similar reasons, Roman women were FORBIDDEN to knot or twist a thread on their spindles when passing a field of grain in fear that they would bind up the crop.

    Female knot magic was greatly feared thru the Middle Ages by men, who believed their Sexual Functioning could be immobilized by such magic which was known as ligature.

    Read More

    Feng Shui
    Effective Feng Shui Enhancements

    Neshi Lokotz

    Have you ever wondered how does a feng shui practitioner create harmony in your home while keeping your intention in mind?

    Feng shui practitioners use enhancements also known as cures to balance energies and bring about harmony the home. These enhancements are what I consider the "magic" of feng shui.

    I believe that a form of feng shui is found in every ancient culture. Each has distinct differences and some basic similarities and may be known by a different word or phrase for instance in Native American we call it the Medicine Wheel and in East India it is called Vastu. Each of these many different forms uses enhancements.
    People of ancient cultures looked to nature to create balance. The colors, textures, shapes of nature were used indoors to replicate and symbolize the smooth flow of Life Force found outdoors. The enhancements symbolize aspects of nature and worked with nature to achieve balance.

    Read More

    Ask Conscious Design
    My Entryway

    How important is my entryway in my home?
    BP, PA
    Read about entryway energy

    Feng Shui Your Entryway
    Antonietta Libardi

    When you walk into your home what is the first thing you see?

    For the last two months, I've been seeing closets and then, BAM! a wall - a blank, empty wall. I guess I could appreciate the fact that it wasn't a white wall. Sometimes a white wall can make you feel cold and detached but I had a splash of pale, pale, pale yellow and that felt warm. (The more sensitive you are as a person, the stronger of a reaction you will have to heavier saturated colors.)

    The Entryway is important because it will leave an imprint on your subconscious mind each time you enter the space. Imagine an entryway which allows you to feel clarity, warmth, beauty and balance. Having a mirror there will help to capture all these positive feelings and it will reflect them right back at you. Adding a plant to the space will naturally lift ones mood and we can all benefit from that after returning from a hectic day.

    Today, when I walk through my door I first see the linen/misc. closet, which is nice in architectural design, and then I see myself, reflected in the mirror. I am also greeted by a vibrant green Christmas cactus, which lives in a rich dark blue ceramic pot with decorative scrolls. It's perched on top of this small distressed light creamy yellow wooden table with one petite drawer and an original green glass knob. I now have a place for my keys. A few hours after I created that scene I decided to add yet another piece to the space, an antique wooden magazine rack, which adds personality and acts, as a cover for a pipe that is sticking up from the floor. The space is now balanced and attractive
    I am now really content with the mood of the entryway and I will keep it this way until I walk in and see that it no longer pleases me like it once did. Perhaps, the only thing that I will need to change is the plant.
    Changing and moving things around provides you with a new scene to look at and a new perspective. ~A Antonietta Libardi is a certified Feng Shui consultant currently working in Corporate America. Her writing is practical in nature and inspired by her day, environment, life and the people she encounters along the way. Her strength is in analyzing, clearing clutter and organizing - these are things that came naturally to her at the age of four.

    To learn more:
    You can reach Antoinetta at alibardi25@yahoo.com

    Read more

    The Media Room
    Reconnecting Your Spirit--Seeing the Possibilities

    Wisdom House Book of Dallas, Texas is pleased to announce the release of Reconnecting Your Spirit--Seeing the Possibilities by certified Hypnotherapist and Feng Shui Practitioner, Mary Shurtleff. This is the second book in a series dedicated to unleashing your spirit by balancing the energy of the body, mind, and spirit with the energy of your home and career to rediscover who you really are. (See attachment) The first book of this series, The Alchemy of Quantum Mind Feng Shui, explains how the basics of Feng Shui work in conjunction with the seven Chakras and the body.

    Reconnecting Your Spirit reaches beyond those basic principles to explore a combination of information on man's spiritual connection to God, theta/gamma healing, development of the six sensory connection, hypnosis/behavior modification methods, power of thoughts and impact of words, metaphors and signs, and Feng Shui. Each element is individually dissected so you can begin to combine and layer them in your life.

    Reconnecting Your Spirit is designed to help those, who wish to decode their childhood programming, generational tendencies, and word formations to discover who they truly are and what they desire. This book shows how to identify words and phrases we often hear everyday from our society and our families that literally hold us back from achieving our highest potential. Once identified, these phrases can be replaced with positive, more directed language that is better aligned with your present hopes and dreams.

    According to Mary, "Feng Shui on a spiritual level is manifesting the 'power of thought or the spoken word.' This spiritual aspect of Feng Shui is very important in our lives as it can form and affect our very being." She has taken Feng Shui into the 21st century with a combination of Feng Shui Interior Design, Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing, and other tools of the metaphysical arts to help her clients unlock their hidden creativity, productivity, and spirituality.

    More Information

    Nature Notes
    White Poppy

    The White Poppy symbolises the belief that there are better ways to resolve conflicts than killing strangers.
    It is a pure symbol of peace, worn as an alternative to the red poppy for Remembrance Day. Some individuals choose to wear both a white and a red poppy.

    Stone Power
    Be Patient and it will come

    By Deana Schimmenti

    As we wait and pray for an end to these troubled financial times, it is essential to find patience. True, we may have to make some changes in our lives, and that can sometimes be frightening. You must be willing to try. Good things can come from change, but change doesn't happen overnight.

    There are many people that are afraid of change. Mostly, it is not the act of creating change, but fear of the consequence of those changes; fear of the unknown. Consider Charoite to overcome that fear. This beautiful stone, found in Russia, will aid you in coping with enormous change and help you to see the bigger picture, or the light at the end of the tunnel. Let Charoite, with its purple hue, the color of spirituality, connect with the crown chakra and calm your fears.

    Read More

    Conscious Real Estate
    Eco Hotel in Costa Rica

    The Sanctuary
    Price: $600,000.00
    Acres: 3

    Features: This beautiful lodge, located on the river, has 12 rooms, a 50 seat restaurant, full kitchen and Tilapia pond.In addition there is a recreational field and organic garden. 4 Rooms complete with private bathrooms, 8 rooms which share 4 bathrooms and 2 showers. The Amenities: Swimming pool Storage bodega Private and secure 10 Kilometers South of San Isidro 10 Minutes from the new Mall.

    Learn more

    4 Pillars Monthly Astrology - March 2009
    The Fire Rabbit Month

    Yasha Jampolsky

    Yasha Jampolsky - is a widely recognized Four Pillars expert and educator with over three decades of experience with energy and healing techniques and Asian modalities. His knowledge base is derived from both traditional and non traditional precedents and is presented in user friendly formats which transform even the most complicated subject matter into easy to understand units; making it available to many more.

    The Fire Rabbit Month begins March 5 at 7:02 PM and ends on April 5 at 5 minutes after midnight.

    The Rabbit is third in the "Cycle of Twelve". The Fire Rabbit month comes in with a gentle swirl of high powered intensity.

    The fixed element Wood carried by the Rabbit feeds the Fire contained in the heavely stem increasing the intensity of the month. This is a time for thoughtful expansion. Play your cards right and the Rabbit will head you exactly into the experience you have been longing to have.

    Read More

    Mei Jin Lu

    Mei Jin Lu is the 25th generation of Ordained Taoist spiritual healer, teacher lecturing on Feng Shui, Energy healing, Taoism and Eastern philosophy worldwide. She studied Taoism and practiced at the Temple of Tao in her native China. She is the executive director of the I-Ching Society of China located in Beijing, and the founder of the School of Eastern Culture and Philosophy located in New Jersey. She is a senior member of the International Ancient Science Research Institute for Feng Shui located in Hong Kong, and earned the titles of Senior Feng Shui Master, Professor of Feng Shui for her work. Currently in addition to teaching at her school, she is an adjunct professor, teaching Feng Shui, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong at NJCU, and Computer Science in the Math/Computer Science Department of Kean University. In her day-today spiritual teaching and counseling, she has been researching unifying themes between Eastern and Western philosophy. She studied with Doreen Virtue and is certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapy Practitioner. Mei Jin gives angel readings and performs healings in her private practice in the Center for Holistic Wellness located in Denville, New Jersey.

    Mei Jin Lu
    Feng Shui Design/Catalog
    Feng Shui Catalog
    School of Eastern Culture and Philosophy
    Phone: (973) 887-2255


    News Briefs
    "EnviroKids" Offer Hope for the Future

    Posted by www.care2.com
    "When young people are empowered to do something meaningful, something they can be proud of, it can do wonders for their confidence and respect."

    As reported in MiNDFOOD, a New Zealand "smart-thinking" magazine, New Zealand schools are training a new generation of ecologists. School-aged children across the country are learning how to lessen their ecological footprint and help to clean up the natural world around them. From banning over-packaged snack foods to cleaning out polluted riverbeds, the "Enviroschools" program is teaching Kiwi kids how to "think green."

    Beginning as a partnership of city councils, environmental groups and schools, Enviroschools was born in Hamilton, a small city south of Auckland, and has now become a well-respected, nationwide program, complete with a professional development plan to train facilitators. In 1998, the Hamilton City Council employed Heidi Mardon, a sustainable architect, as director of the program.

    I Ching Astrology
    Liz Taylor at 77

    Jon Sandifer

    Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

    Legendary Hollywood actress Liz Taylor turned 77 on February 27.. Her classic beauty and turbulent love life are revealed in her 5-2-8 I Ching Astrology profile.
    Her 5 T'ai Chi Birth Star always puts her in the driving seat of any relationship. Her eight marriages are testimony to that. Always central and commanding she has been the centre of attention in Hollywood for decades.

    Jon's I Ching Blog

    What do you need in 2009?
    Join us for new tools, techniques and energy tips

    Conscious Design Magazine is proud to offer programs this month that will provide you with techniques, tools and insights for 2009.

    This time of adjustment and contraction can be met with new upcoming opportunities, new career fields, a new chance to simplify your life and find inner peace and happiness.

    We hope you will join us on March 6, 7, 8 in NYC and in Montclair,NJ on March 14-15.

    More Information and Registration

    What Chinese Animal are you?
    2009 The year of the Earth Ox

    Jon Sandifer

    Chinese Astrology dates back some 2600 years BC. Unlike Western Zodiac Astrology, which is made up of 12 months, Chinese Astrology is made up of 12 year cycles. Each year is given the name of an animal - Buddha summoned all the animals to bid him farewell before he died, and only 12 showed up. He then named each of the years after these 12 animals. The Chinese believe that the animal of your year of birth actually hides in your heart and in your very being.

    Discovering your Animal

    House Whisperers at the Van Vleck Mansion
    Transformation Energy Work With Houses Workshop March 14 & 15

    Why do you live where you do? Did you choose the house or did the house choose you? Do you feel at home where you live? Is life going well or could things be better? There is a resonance, a connection between us and the spaces we call home.

    They are the container for our lives and story, and their own history- both positive and negative. What story would your house tell? Learn how to see and clear any unhelpful patterns which could be influencing your life at a core level, thus enabling enhancements to be more effective, a greater ease and flow to unfold and a different future to manifest.

    We will be working with Sacred sound, color, breath work, energy exercises (both in the classroom and remotely) and laughter! plus Space Clearing tools and techniques in this powerful experiential weekend.
    Online Registration

    More Information and Registration

    I CHING ASTROLOGY free trial
    Over the past 10 months I have created with my colleague Mark Payge a fascinating new website based on the 9 Stars that we now call I CHING ASTROLOGY
    Please visit it at: www.iching-astrology.com I provide weekly and monthly written and audio forecasts as well as full I Ching Astrology profiles.
    Currently you can sign up for a two-week free trial on the I Ching Subscription service which allows you to listen to all your Star's audio forecasts, qualify for discounts to events and get early access to the week and month ahead forecasts. I have also recorded complimentary audio annual forecasts for your Star. Simply log on to www.iching-astrology.com click on your Star sign at the top of the page and listen to my four minute forecast. If you cannot remember your Star sign you can click on the Star Sign Selector.

    I have been updating the blog on the site on a daily basis since July 2008. This is a way to look at the world, current events and anniversaries through the eyes of I Ching Astrology.


    Essential Oils -Try a little HOPE
    Hope essential oil blend helps you reconnect with feelings of strength and grounding, restoring hope for tomorrow. This unique blend brings together the benefits of essential oils with the power to uplift and balance the emotions, making you more open to the joys that lie ahead. It may also help to overcome severe, dark thoughts.

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