Transformational Energy Work with Houses . . . a real life story

My journey with the Cottages
by Sandy Humby

No matter the age and style of a home, all buildings tell a story that relate to the journey of our lives. By changing and influencing them with good use of energy work, colour, architectural and interior design, feng shui and sacred geometry, we can learn about ourselves and empower our homes to work with us in the resolution of our stories and ongoing journey in life.

Ti Trees 1 and 2, Porton, Wiltshire, England

Garden view of cottages

My journey with the Cottages
Sandy Humby

Ti Trees 1 is one of a pair of cottages built in the 1750's. Initially they were in 5 bays or individual units on two floors each. Later divided into a 2 bay cottage (Ti Trees 1) and a 3 bay cottage (Ti Trees 2). The cottages were traditionally built with timbers frames and flint walls under a thatched roof.

I first visited the cottages in the summer of 2005 neither of them in a habitable state. Ti Trees 1 was in a totally derelict condition and Ti Trees 2 had undergone some basic renovation, heating system and rewiring but still had a long way to go to be a home. As I walked through the cottages I was aware of the complex history and how different the spaces felt and how each one seemed to hold different stories. What I remember most clearly was that one of the bedrooms in Ti Trees 2 cottage had such a bubbling joyful energy. There felt a real connection for me to the vibration of the land and that room. I later came to realise it was a memory from my childhood of happy days in my grand parents house in the middle of the New Forest in Hampshire.

By February 2006 I had chosen to engage with the project of the restoration of Ti Trees 2 and found my days spent at the cottage which was about 30 minutes drive from my home, sourcing fittings, connecting with the energy, choosing colours and finishes and making sure that the renovation work was flowing well. By May 2006 the main work was done and I had the opportunity to move into the cottage with a view to oversee the work planned in Ti Trees 1.

I decided not to do the deep energetic clearing work immediately but wait until after the first couple of days of moving in. I wanted to be able to feel and hear the stories more clearly now that there was not daily disturbance of the energy from the tradesmen and their radios. I had been aware of energies in the bedrooms and remember one evening during the renovations when the electricity had been off and I was alone in the cottage, upstairs felt very spooky !!

My first night sleeping in the cottage (in my favourite room with the joyful feel) I was aware of a small child crying in the next room. She said her name was Martha and her mother was dying (interestingly my own mother has passed on 6 months before). There were other disturbed energies I became aware of around the front door area, a feeling of a scuffle or a fight. In another area in the dining room I noticed a really uncomfortable disturbed heavy feeling at the bottom of what was an old stairway. I also 'saw' a cat in spirit that regularly jumped in through the 'stable' door at the back of the cottage and came in and curled up to sleep on the end of the sofa.

Ti Trees 2 is in essence the Yin cottage of the pair, very still, with a deep earth connection and a well in the garden, a magical place to hold and nourish the soul, a place of retreat. Actually so holding that it was really difficult to go out into the world! After a few months my freelance Interior Design business was gradually drying up and I started to question what was happening, but I felt as if I was being held by glue ...Was this what I really wanted at a soul level? To be held safe by mother earth? Or was something else going on? ...eventually I stopped fighting and struggling to get outside work going and surrendered to the process realising at some level that this was the on the job learning I needed now


Cottages from road

The cottages sit at right angles to the road. Ti Trees 1 next to the road and Ti Trees 2 accessed from the driveway alongside, Ti Trees 2 is in fact hidden from general view by Ti Trees 1. One morning in the shower (where I often get downloads of information!) I understood that Ti Trees 2 (yin) in all her beauty, was in fact hidden by a derelict male Ti Trees 1 (yang) counterpart and that this was the story that had been and still was playing out in my life. My own inner yin/yang balance, so damaged by my reaction to an event with my father in my early childhood, had played out in my relationship to both myself and others around me all my life, (despite many years of reading, attending courses and therapies!)

That these unresolved wounds and patterns which were still running my life from an unconscious level were being shown clearly in my choice of engaging with the cottages and the feeling of 'family'arity in their condition, and yes there was part of me that found life too painful to really fully engage with. I also realised that although Ti Trees 2 was 'finished' from a work point of view the only thing still not installed was the wood burning stove in the sitting room and that meant that there was no active 'fire' element in the cottage adding to the yin ness... saw this as reflecting the seeming lack of 'fire' in my life and that it was adding to the struggle to take my business forward from the cottage.

And so the revelations came thick and fast and I was able to find easily those I needed to work with to process, deal with and heal the issues that were being brought to consciousness to be seen. Alongside which the wood burner was at last installed which really made such a difference to the energy in the cottage, and the plans were put in place to start the journey with Ti Trees 1.It has taken a while to do the restoration of Ti Trees1. It has taken time for my inner male to come fully into balance. It has taken at least a year of very gradual development, unravelling the past in layers of paper, paint, odd nailed on pieces of wood and then sorting out the structure, getting the foundations
right, dealing with crumbling walls, rotting window frames, leaking thatch and overgrown garden. The result has been the creation of a really beautiful home, light and spacious containing a deep sense of inner peace, purpose, strength and grace, ready for the next part of its journey.

With the completion of Ti Trees 1 there are just a few adjustments now needed in the yin counterpart Ti Trees 2 to bring everything totally to balance and I then see my journey with these amazing cottages is coming to an end. They have taught me so much and prepared me to move out in the world again but in healthy balance myself now. Enabling me to help and teach others how to honour, understand and work with their homes. Healing the past stories both in our spaces and ourselves, releasing the sore places where we sabotage our dreams so we can then truly live the full magical potential of our journey.


Copyright Sandy Humby May 2008

Part 2: Christian's Journey with the cottages will be featured in the next issue of Conscious Design Magazine

Ti Trees 1, Porton, Wiltshire, England.

This charming, semi-detached, 18th Century, Grade II listed, timber framed and flint walled cottage near Stonehenge England was close on derelict just 5 years ago when Christian purchased the property. It has now has been transformed and restored into a wonderful home with a wealth of original features and great energy.

The cottage from the garden with ornamental trees and traditional English cottage plants such as lupins, pansies, cornflowers, violas, clematis and honeysuckle.

The sitting room looking out to the garden with the inglenook fireplace and wood burning stove and the remnants of the original bread oven. The whole house has been decorated using traditional paints to produce the chalky finish of lime wash. Various shades of red have been used in this restful space to create a 'buzz' to the soft honey and cream tones.

The new kitchen is fitted with oak units, black granite worktops and natural limestone flooring. These enhance the stunning original beams and a wonderful view out to the cottage garden.

The Master Bedroom is a spacious triple aspect room with an amazingly still energy. The violets and magenta highlights to the rich creams and golds just add to the sense of rest and peace.

The hallway is full of original beams and an ancient staircase. An area has been left which has some of the wallpaper and paints used in the past. This space has been enhanced by subtle lighting, a contemporary column radiator and an inspirational image.

Bedroom 2 is a room with a really sweet energy and was the room in the restoration photos that usually showed orbs. There are some great exposed beams in this room and an original three quarter height door.

From the Entrance Hallway to the living room, this picture shows the dining area and how the use of contemporary imaging works even in such a seemingly traditional property.

The Key - A rare find, the original key to the front door.

Christian Kyriacou Architect/ Sandy Humby Interior Designer

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More Information

SANDY HUMBY MIPTI has run her own design business since 1982, using her love of colour, proportion and natural textiles in many creative areas. She is a KLC (London) trained Interior Decorator and was a finalist in the Design Awards in London in 2003.

Sandy’s personal interest in mind-body medicine, and her search for her own well–being during the past 15 years has led her to study philosophy, healing, meditation, counselling, nutrition, sacred geometry and Feng Shui. She is also a multi-disciplined energy therapist, an experienced Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yogi.

Her business Interior Alchemy, combines these areas of experience and understanding enabling Sandy to facilitate lasting personal, home and workspace transformation for her clients. She also runs workshops and seminars both in the UK and Internationally to inspire and empower others to create for themselves nourishing and supportive places to live, work and play.

Sandy has worked with Christian on many projects during the past 3 years and is a consultant on 'The House Whisperer' TV series.