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Year of the Fire Rooster


The Solar Year begins February 3, 2017 at 11:49 PM

January 28, 2017 marks the start of the Asian New Year; launching celebrations in Asian communities throughout the world. The first day coincides with the first new moon of the year as noted in the Lunar Calendar. The start of the Lunar New Year differs from the start of the Solar year that is used for Astrology. The starting day in the Solar Calendar is the midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox and signals the beginning chi of the New Year.

The Fire Rooster is 10th in the cycle of 12 and 34th in the cycle of 60. Each year brings its own unique set of energetic patterns and potential circumstances. My analysis is based on years of academic and in the field research:


For some it will be a year of reckoning that will require deeper self examination and self correction; for others an opportunity to continue important work that they are engaged in. There are opportunities for improvements and change every year. This is especially true for 2017 - The Fire Rooster Year.

Truth is strong medicine with the power to heal. Taking a good look at ourselves fully empowers us and positions us to change the things that we can change and choose wisely in all matters.

Individuals, localities, national and international entities, willing to deep dive into every aspect of their inner and outer functioning, and equally willing to make the appropriate corrections, can fare extremely well this year. Rewards include increased productivity and profits, better relations in all sectors and the possibility of a more peaceful and smoothely functioning existence.

Those unwilling to self-examine and self-correct are likely to experience an escalation of their existing challenges as well as the materialization of new ones.

Success in overcoming potential challenges this year, require that we gain support by grouping with like minded people and taking action as necessary. It is also essential that we strive to better understand those who hold different or opposing views and beliefs.

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Yasha Jampolsky-is a nationally recognized advisor, author and teacher of the Asian Art of Four Pillars (BaZi). He has appeared on national Radio and Television and has been a contributing writer for local and national publications. His research and innovations have made Four Pillars more accessible to students and clients alike and has made it  possible to use Four Pillars as a powerful modern healing modality.









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