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The Power of the Pine

By Renae Jensen


A Symbol of long life, endurance, integrity and purity, the Pine is revered around the world. Used in many cultures and traditions,
the Pine’s healing qualities are many. Scandinavian practice was to use pine branches in saunas, both fragrant and healing to the respiratory system. Mattresses were stuffed with pine needles to dispel flea, lice, bedbugs and others. Pine needle mattresses are used to treat rheumatism in Switzerland. Pine is used traditionally as a Native American remedy.

Pine trees are a feng shui symbol of abundance with their tall presence and “ever green” nature.  Pine is used ceremonially to
ward off negative influences and protection.  Meditating with Pine will uplift your energy and moods, and renew your energy.

There is an ancient Taoist practice of surviving only on pine needles to gain supernatural powers. This practice has foundation in
the pine trees connection to honor and integrity. In Asian vision, the pine tree, which is often molded, bent, and twisted by
nature’s elements during it’s long lifespan relates to the aged human, a wizened senior that has weathered all the ups and
downs of life. The oldest known living pine, the Bristlecone Pine, is estimated to be over 4600 years old and is  located in Inyo National Forest in California, USA.

Studies have found that  the Pine has many beneficial health qualities including being Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Aging, and Anti-Oxidant.
The Pine is cleansing, stimulating, and balancing for the body, mind and spirit.  Great for relieving muscle pain, and
to balance blood pressure and cholesterol. Pine oil is beneficial in relieving bronchial and respiratory infections. When inhaled through a mister or steamer, pine oil can fight off cold and sinus infections, as well as being a beautiful aromatic.

Pine oil can help with many skin conditions including itching, eczema, acne, and athlete’s foot. Pine can remedy the scalp with issues of dryness and dandruff.. For a wonderful and healing treat, add Pine essential oil to a warm bath, just a few drops.  You can dilute a few drops of Pine oil with massage oil, such as jojoba, almond or coconut and enjoy the benefits.

Cleansing and disinfecting, pine oil’s germ fighting power makes it popular as a component in many cleaning products.  Pine has very high levels of phenols, acidic plant chemicals that fight off germs and illness. Cleaning your floor with pine oil will also uplift and cleanse a space of negativity and hold off illness. Add Pine to room fresheners and sprays to uplift and cleanse a space.

Cautions & Side Effects of Pine Oil
Essential pine oil should be used with care, as it is very powerful. If left undiluted, it may irritate skin and mucous membranes. Internal consumption may be hazardous to human health. Do NOT consume evergreen tree parts if pregnant or breastfeeding.

From its lofty position above the tops of most other trees,
the pine reminded ancient peoples of the importance of taking the overview,
encouraging objectivity and farsightedness.
We are advised to cleanse ourselves of negativity,
neither dwelling on mistakes nor apportioning blame.

Pine is a symbol of the elevated mind and the birth of the spiritual warrior.

LESSON OF THE PINE - Bu Jane Gifford
from The Wisdom of Trees



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