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9 Building Biology Tips for Safer Living

By Carol Cannon, BBEC, Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant



  1. Unplug any unnecessary electrical items in your bedroom so you are not sleeping in a “sea” of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  Most importantly, keep items such as alarm clocks, tape players, radios at a “safe” distance from your head.
  1. Use 100% natural linens for your bed, to avoid allergies.  Avoid polyester!
  1. Attach a grounded glare guard to an older computer to reduce EMFs and make working much easier on your health. Newer computers have built in lower EMFs.
  1. Keep electric calculators, pencil sharpeners and other electronic equipment unplugged until you need to use them.  These items emit high EMFs that can negatively impact your health.
  1. If you have a sewing machine, keep it unplugged when not in use, as it emits high EMFs.
  1. Look for potentially dangerous EMF sources that might be hidden in your bedroom. Avoid placing your bed against a wall that might have one of the following on the other side of the wall:  main power source to the building, circuit breaker box, stove, refrigerator, pool pump.
  1. When building a new home or building out your new business space, incorporate healthy concepts. Consider using non-toxic glue for carpeting; non-toxic paint for the walls; tile, cork, bamboo or natural carpeting for flooring, and natural fabrics for furniture. These will help prevent out-gassing and will make your environment a healthier and more productive place to be in.
  1. Consider using full spectrum lighting in place of fluorescent tubes, particularly in your workspace. This creates the closest lighting to daylight, and relieves much stress in the body.
  1. Test your drinking water regularly, even if you have a filter. Consider installing a reverse osmosis or distilled water unit for removal of most “TDS” (total dissolved solids).









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