Traditionally, Chinese families often decorate their homes with peach blossoms for the new year. Peach blossom is a symbol of great business success.
It is also the remedy for enhancing people relationship luck, especially with the opposite sex.
According to the rule of “romantic relationship star”, if you were born in the year of pig, rabbit or goat (refer to the table below to find out), you will have a much better luck of love from the opposite sex with the placement of peach blossom. Thus, if you are still single, make sure to have it at home for the new year.
According to the movement of 2016 flying stars, the people relationship #9 purple star lands on the east direction/space of the home and office. The east direction belongs to the eldest son. It means that your elder son will have the top people relationship luck in 2016. To take advantage of this star, you may want to do the following things in 2016:

  1. Occupy the room in the east
  2. Sleep and sit on the east space, facing west
  3. Place 9 red roses in the east corner of your room/home/office
  4. Travel more to Japan, Taiwan, Korea or east part of USA

2016 is the year of monkey. Monkey is a playful, charming and stylish animal. Many social phenomena will reflect monkey’s behavior. In addition, 2016 is also the sun monkey year. Sun is bright, sharp and charming. As a result, in 2016 people will increasingly become more conscious to their looks, appearance and sexual appeals. To the extreme, cosmetic surgery is getting even more popular. To grab this booming trend and make quick bucks, many Chinese travel to Korean for a quick one-week training on simple facial jobs such as botox, nose works, eye enlargement, etc. Returning back to China, they all instantly become plastic surgeons. The total disregard of the medical laws and human’s life leads to what we call “peach blossom hazard”.
The year of monkey is a “Blind Year”, which means the official starting date of the spring based on the Chinese lunar calendar is ahead of the beginning of the Chinese new year. In essence, a blind year is not a good year for marriage. Well, it is certainly a year of active and causal sexual activities.

In advanced Feng Shui theory, monkey is the key to open the water storage of dragon. April is the month of dragon. In other words, in April of 2016, the abundance of water element will flood out, causing great disasters to the world and people.  If you were born in the fall or winter and water is your bad luck element, you definitely want to be very careful and take no risk in April. Kidney and sexual organ are the water parts of the human’s body which got impacted the most. Sexual disasters will occur in such an alarming rate in 2016.
If you were born in the year of tiger, unfortunately, you will have the worse luck in 2016. If you are called “Cat” or “Kitty”, time is tough in 2016 as well. Puma and Onitsuka are the two “Tiger” brands with bad business sales in 2016. No wonder that Dick’s Sporting Goods has closed out their store session on Puma already. The top brand will be Under Armour in 2016, with the up and down “U” logo, resembling the horns of an ox. Ox is the animal with the best luck in 2016.

In 2015, life was tough for people who were born in the year of goat and ox. Many of them were forced to meet the “one joy kills three ills” situation in 2015. It means their 3 disasters can be saved by just one joyful event. If they got married in 2015, their weddings were somehow added with miserable favors. Things finally brighten up for them in 2016. The power of peach blossom luck will lead them to many joyful events such as having a new born and career success in 2016.
Moving along to the nine period from the current eight period (2004-2023), mankind has increasingly open attitude toward “Sexuality”. Living together before marriage is a norm. Homosexuals declared victory in the face of law. Japanese girls are wearing mini skirt in the frozen winter. The divorce rate in American reached 50%. People with fake faces (after surgery) are virtually everywhere in China and Korea. Good or bad: you name it.
In short, in the wonderful year of monkey, I wish everyone to have zero peach blossom hazard and loaded peach blossom luck.

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