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Making Room for What you Want

LuAnn Cibik, MEIA, CSC
Inner Harmony

“Create that Office that supports your Future”

In our modern culture, there is an unconscious belief that MORE is BETTER. The more jam packed our schedules are with meetings, activities, events, then we must be important and successful. The more objects we have in our homes (décor, games, electronics, memorabilia), then the more abundant and happy we must be. The more stuffed our offices, our filing cabinets, desks, even floor place, then we must be a very very important, hard working and valuable human being.

Yet, sometimes, when things are so full, there is not room for something new, big, or important, no matter how much you wish to fit it into your life.

In Interior Alignment® Feng Shui and Space Clearing, we work with our clients on releasing things from their homes and offices that are not a part of the future they desire. Many times people associate feng shui with moving what you have to create better flow or that you are adding items with special power to enhance the energy of a space. While that is a part of it, there is no sense adding things when subtracting some items might make more room for the desired future to appear.

Have you seen the time management demonstration of objects from the size of tennis balls to sand being added to a glass container?  If the sand (signifying the small day to day details) goes in first, there is no room for the big items (that signify the really big important things in life). But if the big things go in first, then the second largest, and so on, there is still room to pour in the sand… and everything fits. While life may not be that neat and tidy to organize, using that same concept in your office space allows you to set the stage to call  in the life you want. In your office, this can assist your work life to be more efficient, effective, and decrease your stress levels. It will allow you to focus on your top projects and perhaps release some of the small habits that really don’t make an overall difference. This impact on how you feel, focus and work will make your dreams and goals come true.

Step number one is to identify what you want to happen differently in your professional life this year. Your office space is the room that supports your business life, and in order to change your room to change your life, you must know what goals you want to achieve. Sometimes we can be just so busy doing the ‘busi-ness’ that we lose sight of the target. If you have not done so already, take some time to create your professional goals for this year. Be specific with projects, clients, income growth, outcomes of projects, results of your success etc. While many people do this on January 1, it’s certainly not too late. With Chinese New Year on February 8, it’s still a perfect time to make those New Year aspirations.  Write them down, even the steps to each project, or what ingredients will make the projects a success. For example, if you are an author looking to finish your book, perhaps you need time on your schedule, inspiration for the writing, time scheduled for research, etc. If you are a healing arts professional looking to expand your client list and your own skill set, maybe you have a goal of number of client sessions per week, and a list of courses you desire to take. Once you know what the BIG items are, we can create the office space to support these goals.

Now to make room for what you want in your business life, analyze what is currently in your office.  It’s important to take a look at the whole space before just starting cleaning out one desk drawer. Notice if the things in your office have to do with your current projects, your goals for this year, the new business you wish to call in or other aspects for your particular work. Or if it’s a stockpile of everything you have already accomplished; the good, the bad, and the ugly. While your files of past work might be important to keep, where you store them influences the energy of the space. Paper, because it is so porous and filled with words and ideas, is something that holds onto energy. The projects that you spent much time working joyfully on and were a success, shimmer with ‘busy as a happy bee’ energy and also an energy of success. Projects that were painful to complete, hold on to that blood, sweat and tears energy, and may negatively influence the energy of your office. If possible, all those things of the past that did not go well, should find another storage space outside your office (perhaps it’s time to release them altogether).  For example, when I was working in IT and creating websites, when I ended a relationship with a client, their file went to a ‘cold’ file cabinet in my garage; partly because I wanted the space in my office, and mostly because their project was no longer a part of my future.

I do understand, sometimes it’s hard to release things. When I stepped away from my corporate career in Information Technology(IT)  and fully into my feng shui business, I did keep many IT programming books in my office. I was still doing IT support for my own business, my husbands company and other small businesses in the area, and these books and notes represented a part of my ‘success in IT’ energy. It was hard for me to part with them. I rarely looked at these books, and growing my IT support business was not my goal. Creating a feng shui business was what I wanted. For several years, I did pretty well with my Inner Harmony feng shui business, however  when I consciously moved the IT books and files into a more neutral storage space in the building and out of my office, my feng shui work really began to blossom and expand.  I used that extra bookshelves space to highlight my feng shui and space clearing books, and books that supported my work in this field ( rocks, crystals, plants, oils, design, color, etc).  Books hold more than information, they hold energy, and the thought energy of these books was what I wanted and need in my office.  You may wish to have some books in your space that support your work, future projects or even books of business people you admire.

Once you know what you want this year, and understand what is in your office, start by releasing what is not in alignment with your vision. If you cannot move it out of your office (I was lucky to have other spaces to move things to), then think about how you can store the files and books that have to do the past in a less important or accessible spot. Save the prime spaces for your tools and files that support your growth in this coming year. There are two ways you want to think about your storage space in the room:

  1. how easy is it for you to access and see from your desk (for the current and future goals), and
  2. how does it align with the bagua or energy map of your office.

This energy map, called the bagua,  can be used to determine the most appropriate places to store certain items (see attached bagua map) To use the bagua, place it so that the door entering your office space, is along the bottom line. You can see from the different labels of the area, that there might be some that areas more appropriate to store empowering and disempowering items in.  For example, if past projects that helped you to learn and grow are something that need to stay in your office, these might be best kept in the Knowledge area. If they were something that contributed to your prosperity, then perhaps keep them in the abundance area. And on the other hand, if a project was something you invested time and energy into and it didn’t work, and it ‘cost’ you, this would NOT be something to store in the abundance area. If you can’t figure out where something might go, a feng shui professional can assist you with making those decisions on the best area in the room to place objects and store items.

Now you are ready to create that office that supports your future. If you can also move furniture around in the space that is a bonus. Using the bagua, you might choose to rearrange some components to support the goals (where you might place the client filing cabinet, your book shelf, your desk) . While you are rearranging, create what is called ‘command position’ for yourself. This is the placement of your desk and chair, and will be enhancing your ability to succeed in every way. Command position is something we naturally have a talent for finding. Think of when you can choose any seat you want at a restaurant. You want the one with your back to the wall where you can see everyone coming and going through the front door. It feels powerful and secure. Perhaps you are already in a command position in your work space. Sometimes with the shapes of space, placement of windows and doors, it can be challenging to find the perfect space, but you will know it when you find it! It will feel great to sit there. It will allow you to feel focused and confident. Your co-workers will notice this subconsciously and even treat you differently, with more respect.

Poor command position

Great command position


Once you have arranged your desk into that position, then take the time to go through every drawer in your desk. These items closest to you should reflect all the important aspects of your work today. You should use this space for current files, pertinent information, and things that bring you joy.  Yes, joy. Things that uplift your energy and make you smile should be a part of your work space. Maybe that is a beautiful nature scene on your screen saver or brightly colored post it notes in the drawer. Also notice what does not bring you joy. Things that are broken, dirty, ripped, ragged should be released or replaced. If that’s not possible then clean and repair these larger items (chairs, desk, rugs) as much as you can to uplift their energy, and honor the work you are doing. If you run a small business and like to be conservative and thrifty, I understand. Still, it’s better to release something with diminished energy that you are holding on to ‘just in case you need it’, than to keep it’s tattered energy in your space. (I used to keep old 3 ring binders for reuse that in truth had seen better days. The energy of my office shifted dramatically when I released them, and purchased some new ones)

Take your time over the next several weeks in reviewing your goals, inspecting your office, making room by releasing the past, and then setting into place the items that support your future goals. I have worked with many business clients using these simple techniques and they have had powerful results. Make room for what you want, and I promise you  it will be the year of dreams come true!


LuAnn Cibik, MEIA, CSC
Inner Harmony








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