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Conscious Design and Color

By Diantha Harris


It’s great to be writing for Conscious Design again. I was thrilled when Renae Jensen invited me to contribute an article (thank you Renae!). Being in alignment with one’s environment is such a gift we can give to ourselves so I welcome this magazine back with open arms.

I come from an interior design background where I first learned about the power of color from a teacher who taught about the psychological effect color has on us. When I heard that, my heart beat a bit faster, my eyes widened, and I knew I had found my calling.

From there I learned about energy through Reiki and Healing Touch. Then it was on to Aura Soma, which taught about healing with color, and then to Feng Shui where I learned how to use color to effect the environment which in turn effects our lives.

What I’d like to share with you today is just this: if you can learn a bit about color and how each color can effect every area of your life, you will have a tool that you can use the rest of your life that is easy, inexpensive, powerful and empowering.

For example, I once knew a guy who lived in a blue environment. He loved blue. But it was so blue, he became very watery and lost any ambition he might have once had. He needed some fire, or reds/oranges to come into his life to literally “fire him up”. Once that happened, he got up off his couch and got a job. Without that red, though, he was hopelessly floating through life, content to let things unfold around him. As that happened, he lost control of his life, he lost his job, he lost any direction that he had once had. Life was blowing him from pillar to post, until red came in to get him to move. The orange provided him a container, and red provided the energy and passion to take control of his life again.

So whatever your challenge, color has a solution. Look to color to support you, transform your situation, and just make your life ever so much more enchanting.

Diantha Harris
Author, Simply Color, Second Edition and Simply Color for Everyday Living
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