Bau (Building) Biology and Electro-Magnetic Fields

Carol Cannon, Certified BBEC
(Building Biology Environmental Consultant)


Bau (Building) Biology, the science of how buildings affect human health, is an important companion for Feng Shui consultants. 
One of the main challenges our human bodies face is being surrounded by a sea of electro-magnetic fields.  Elevated fields can disrupt
the pineal gland, which regulates the production of melatonin.  If melatonin is not being produced, then a person cannot get the deep, necessary sleep that helps in recovery from a day in our modern, technological world. 

As a Bau-biologist, I try to help my clients create an environment with measurements as low as if a person were sleeping outdoors in a forest.  Over the past decade, many of my clients were experiencing health issues that we were able to pinpoint sources of elevated electromagnetic fields affecting them.  By either reducing the fields or moving the person to another location, many were able to begin the road to recovery.

One of my first findings was in my own Mother’s bedroom that she had been sleeping in for three years, before she had a stroke.  I tested her bedroom for Alternating Current Magnetic Fields.  I found a very strong line running from the wall behind her bed, underneath the bed on an angle, out the door!  When I went outside to determine the cause, I found the building electrical supply and meter was located directly behind her bed.  Not having an option to move to another home, I simply found a spot in the room where the fields were lower and safer, moved her there, and, ‘cured’ for the out of balance Feng Shui.  There were no more strokes in that room!

Another time I was hired for a consultation as a Feng Shui Consultant.  The client didn’t know or understand about Bau-biologie.  He had a huge concern about his son, who, for a few years had been prescribed Ritalin.  No one had been able to determine a cause of the change in his behavior that prompted the medication. The Father thought it was emotional or, possibly something to do with a new school he started attending. All of his problems began when the child was moved into this bedroom from another he had shared with his older brother.  The room he was relocated into was formerly his grandparents’ bedroom.  His grandfather died of cancer; his grandmother moved out and was in remission from cancer.  Upon testing I found the AC Magnetic Fields were over 100 mG (milligauss) directly behind his bed.  Extremely dangerous situations are advised at anything above 5 mG.  The bedroom backed up to the condominium building’s high voltage electrical room!  I advised them to move the child’s bed to the lowest AC Magnetic field area in the bedroom, which they complied with.  Over time, the child improved and the parents were thrilled that they regained the son they once had.

In office layouts, it is also important to know what is on the other side of the wall where people are going to be sitting.  At a television company’s new headquarters site, I was asked to assist in space planning of the company personnel.  I discovered that the President’s office was tentatively located next to the building electric room.  This would not be supportive for anyone to be adjacent to that room. 
I recommended that the room be used for storage instead of an office, and move the office over to a safer distance.  This was a case where danger was avoided during the design stage. 

Electro magnetic fields are invisible forces that exist all around us.  We need to have safe sleeping areas to recover from a day in our modern, technological lives.  What you bring into your home electronically and what is surrounding the area both above and below ground outside can all have an unsuspecting negative influence upon your health. 

Take the time to find out what you are living with.  It may be a matter of life, and good health.





Conscious Design Magazine - BauBiologie Feb 2016